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Who knows? Maybe one day your name — or that of someone you know — will stand among the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. Tuning in to the third season of “Project Pitch It” is a great start.

“Project Pitch It” is the show where local entrepreneurs and their ideas are put to the ultimate test. Each week, three aspiring — and often inspiring — Wisconsin entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their innovative new ideas to a panel of local business moguls. These successful self-made millionaires then pepper the entrepreneurs with questions, assess the potential of each idea and finally present awards with a total value of nearly $30,000 designed to help each entrepreneur move their business to the next step. The awards range from free tuition, mentoring and office space at Cardinal Stritch University, a meeting with potential advisors and investors, or $10,000 cash.

Whatever the outcome, it all adds up to one of the most exciting and entertaining local shows on TV. And who knows? We may even uncover or inspire the next great American success story.

WISN Channel 12 Milwaukee      Cardinal Stritch University

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Start thinking about how you’ll be spending that $10,000 Grand Prize.

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  • Cardinal Stritch University

    Cardinal Stritch University offers more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs that help students develop new skills, gain career-related experience, and build professional networks.Students, families, and employers know Stritch as an excellent choice for studying the arts, business, education, leadership, liberal arts, nursing, and the sciences.. With more than 34,000 alumni, our graduates are known for their roles at nonprofits, schools, small companies, health care organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurial ventures. Through education, academic support, mentoring, and career opportunities, we help students find their mission in life.
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    The Milwaukee Bucks are initiating collective efforts to revitalize Milwaukee begin to move from vision to reality, These plans reflect the commitment of our ownership, generosity of Senator Kohl and historic collaboration with public officials to build a world-class sports and entertainment destination in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. We look forward to working closely with public officials and the entire community over the next several months to finalize the design and construction plans so that we can begin to create long-lasting jobs and economic opportunity in Milwaukee.
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    Our passion is to help businesses grow by sharing lessons we have learned along the way. We offer business advisory services and coaching to help you grow. Jerry co-founded STUCK Inc. to revolutionize the business advisory and investment world. STUCK touches many aspects of business, including planning/strategy, coaching, advisory board support, investing and giving back to the local community.
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    The Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) has provided quality business and financial education coupled with access to fair capital and financial products for 30 years. WWBIC’s impact is seen through the many entrepreneurs, business owners and individual whom we assist. Our work and support put your business dreams to work.
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    Propeller is a creative marketing agency in Milwaukee. We are a team of artists, strategists and communicators, who have a passion for ideas. You can see that in our execution and the results we get.
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    We work closely with our clients to develop and deliver your creative goals. We provide innovative solutions to accommodate you at every step and deliver the product you imagined… from concept, to final delivery. We offer creative solutions no matter how large or small your project.
  • Big Chair Studio

    Big Chair Studios is a 5,000 square foot energy efficient sound studio. Considered the next generation studio with state of the art LED lights. Big Chair Studios is treated for sound along with a quiet HVAC system. There is a lighting grid throughout the studio at 16 feet. The studio is over 100 feet long with a three wall cyc (36 feet wide) and includes an 18 foot remote controlled turntable.